Spidery Single Switchplate

Pictured is standard size plate. This design has size limitations. It is available in standard or over sized singles and outlet and single GFI/Rockers. To order another size, just click on the size you'd like in the left column. You would purchase the the white plate then send us an email letting us know your design choice.


Not all designs will fit or look good on every size plate. The GFI's cut out quite a bit of the design. We are in the process of updating each design, so it will list what sizes that design is available in. If there is a design you like that doesn't specify sizes-you can email us to find out if that design is available.

When placing a custom order-you purchase the plates & let us know which design you'd like for each plate. (See sample order below) Emails can be sent to switchplatesnmore@yahoo.com All plates are made as they are ordered, delivery usually runs about 10-14 days. Have you any questions please contact us.

Sample order for choosing your design-and placing your order Deer


2- singles


1- GFI


2- doubles




1- single


2- outlets


Seagulls Flying-


1- quad.


1- 2 switch/outlet left combination

Spidery  Single Switchplate
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