Old Sailing Ship Switchplate - Single

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Due to the large number of different size plates and because some designs will not fit or look right on every size plate. We have organized our plates to try to keep it as simple as possible for you.

The sizes & measurements section of our store-lists all the different sizes and measurements of each plate.

Then designs are organized by category. Each design will have pictures of the most common sizes and those can be ordered there. It will also include a list of what other sizes that particular design is available in. Those sizes can be ordered in the custom order section of our store.  


Sizes available for Old Sailing Ship are LIMITED due to the design layout-it will only fit these sizes

Oversized single.

Oversized double.

Oversized outlet.

Solid Single.

Solid Double.



Cable 1.

Cable 2.

Old Sailing Ship Switchplate - Single
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